Block Head Feeling

Funny how things work. Just when I’ve decided to start writing more about the ideas in my head, nothing comes to mind. The big ideas that usually swim around in my mind seem so trivial, like who cares? This must be part of what is called writer’s block. I feel like a block head. So, I think it’s OK to write about this feeling. Feeling stuck in nothingness. It is not really nothing but more like a disconnect. We have all the knowledge, information, and creative energy that are just out of reach. The harder you try, the farther they seem to be moving away. I stop trying. Then I feel something coming back to me and the flow of thoughts returns. I realize that judgment, criticism, and self-doubt are the causes of disconnect. They stop dead our creative energy.  I suspect that the only way to get through these blocks is to be kind to myself. To be encouraging and to be honest (oh, it’s scary alright).  And it’s okay to stop when you have nothing else to write.

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