Therapy Approach

Rest in the pause between breaths.

Pause in the rest between thoughts.

Bask in the space between words.

Stop in the stillness between time.

-Julie Rappaport (Yoga Meditation)

I am a certified EMDR therapist and a sex therapist. I work with individuals and I specialize in helping clients to process trauma/abuse/PTSD, chronic shame, guilt, and negative self beliefs that contribute to mood disorders, relationship problems, racial/cultural identity issues, and sexual issues.

I embrace the philosophy of compassion, acceptance, and liberation. Mindfulness is incorporated into my eclectic therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotionally Focused Therapy, Attachment Based, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Solution Focused, and Family Systems.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being fully engaged in the present moment without judgment. By enhancing our awareness we can become better observers and listeners of our internal and external experiences. You will be in a better position to examine what has or has not worked in the past and become more selective about making choices that align with the values that are supportive to living well and authentically.

My style is to be interactive and engage in providing emotional support, active listening, intuitive feedback, clinical recommendations and alternative perspectives which challenge old patterns. My strengths are being intuitive, empathetic, focused, creative, and having a good sense of humor. I strive for a safe, inspiring, and supportive therapeutic environment for my clients.

About Sex Therapy

I am trained in sex therapy and I enjoy working with individuals and couples who want to learn about themselves as sexual beings and be comfortable in their bodies. This will assist the clients to experience new ways to relate to sex and their sexuality, and empower their choices and safety to be themselves and able to communicate their needs with their partners. There are many factors that can impact sex and intimacy which are common for an individual or a couple. I provide counseling and treatment in the following area:

  • Sex Education
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Sexual Shame
  • Painful Sex
  • Orgasm Difficulties
  • Desire and Libido Issues
  • Learning About Consent
  • Explore Sexuality
  • Body Positive and Sex Positive
  • Cultural and Religious Conflicts with Sex and Sexuality

I support clients from diverse cultures, ethnicity, sexual orientations, and spiritual or religious background.