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The Keys to Overcoming Resistances Are Awareness and Persistence

When we start to learn something new we often meet some forms of resistance.  It is very normal to feel resistant when we have to process new learning or new experiences.  Resistance is a natural way for our body and mind to maintain homeostasis, in other words, we may feel that something new could change our sense of inner balance.  Most of us do not like sudden changes and we need to give ourselves time to adjust.  Because forced changes may result in resistance, it is more effective to be gentle with yourself in the beginning.

Resistance comes in various forms, some examples are: a lack of motivation, negative thoughts such as doubts, criticism, judgment, and emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness.  Other causes for resistance might be pain, boredom, discomfort, and tiredness.  What are your resistances?  It is important to become aware of what they are because only then can you find ways to overcome them. How do we overcome resistances?  We need awareness and persistence.  The first step is to understand what resistances we are experiencing.  Once you have identified the common patterns you can develop a plan to work through them by recognition, problem solving, and seeking support from others.

The next important key is persistence.  Persistence is needed in those times when resistance rises.  One example would be that you did not practice meditation when you had planned, and you may start to criticize or judge yourself.  Perhaps feelings of failure become overwhelming and hopelessness starts to raise and you may start thinking “I can’t do this”,  “it is just no use”, or “why bother with it?”  These negative thoughts are very common to most people especially in the beginning.   The first step is to acknowledge these resistances and the next step is to follow your plan of action by being persistent.  Remember, there is no reason why you cannot start from the beginning or pick up where you have left off.  Each time you practice letting go of negativity, criticism, and judgment, you are practicing removing the obstacles on your path.  Sooner than you think, you will find that it does get easier.

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