Therapy Approach

Rest in the pause between breaths.

Pause in the rest between thoughts.

Bask in the space between words.

Stop in the stillness between time.

-Julie Rappaport (Yoga Meditation)

I embrace the philosophy of compassion, acceptance, and liberation.  Mindfulness is incorporated into my various therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Behavioral Activation, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotionally Focused Therapy,  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Family Systems.

I am an EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist. I specialize in helping clients to process trauma/abuse/PTSD and also chronic shame, guilt, and negative self beliefs that contribute to mood disorders and behavioral issues. As part of therapy I often teach clients who seek to learn mindfulness coping skills and develop practices to help them manage and regulate emotions. 

Mindfulness is being fully engaged in the present moment without judgment. By enhancing our awareness we can become better observers and listeners of our internal and external experiences. We are then in a better position to examine what has or has not worked for us and become more selective about making choices that align with the values that are supportive to living well and authentically. My style is to be interactive and engage in providing emotional support, active listening, intuitive feedback, clinical recommendations and alternative perspectives which challenge old patterns. My strengths are being intuitive, empathetic, focused, creative, and having a good sense of humor. I strive for a safe, inspiring, and supportive therapeutic environment for my clients. 


Individual Counseling

I provide individual counseling to late teens (17-19), adults (20+).  I am experienced in teaching several methods of meditation as well as coping skills and mindfulness practices.  I use a combination of approaches to therapy that will be individualized in order to address your unique needs. We will work together to find underlying causes, reduce symptoms, make changes, and move forward in your life. My role is to facilitate your innate ability for insight, healing, and growth. The changes you choose to make will be authentic and sustainable.  My expertise is in treating trauma/PTSD,abuse, mood disorders, and relationship issues. I work well with individuals to help them develop ways to reduce stress, regulate or tolerate emotions, build self esteem and promote self empowerment.  Research suggests that healing, change and growth can happen in many ways and the choice of a therapist who connects well with you can be a most important factor in contributing to a successful therapy experience.  Please contact me for any questions. I look forward to assisting you.


Working with Teens (17 -19):

I am experienced in working with teens with various emotional, mental, and behavioral concerns. I work with: depression, fears and anxieties, sleep problems, disruptive behaviors, anger, ADHD/ADD, adjustment or transitional issues, loss and grief, relationship with parents, friendship and dating, communication problems, abuse/trauma/PTSD (physical, emotional, and sexual), academic or work performance issues, low self-esteem, and stress management. I enjoy working with multicultural and diverse ethnic individuals and families. Besides English, I speak fluent Chinese (Cantonese) and have provided counseling to Asian populations.

My approach for teens may include interventions with parent(s) to help understand and assess problems, provide psycho-education, help with communications, and support emotional and behavioral changes.  


Couples Counseling

I like to work with couples or partners in various combinations of relationships. The areas of my expertise with couple and family are: pre-marital counseling, divorce or separation, blended family challenges, infidelity, and various relationship problems. Having a strong and healthy relationship can be very challenging.  There are common and unique struggles and issues that most people experience. They often find it difficult to resolve conflicts, move forward, or be intimate when they get locked in repetitive cycles of negative interactions and feeling stuck and hurt. I will provide my clients a safe and supportive place to talk about concerns and issues in the relationship. We will work on healing and growing your connections with each other. Together, we may explore different ways to communicate, develop healthy relationship skills, increase trust and intimacy, and build the kind of relationship you hope to have.